The members of the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority bring extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of business, finance, management, education, communication, government and public relations.  The Authority consists of eleven members; seven appointed by the Mayor of the City of Syracuse, one by the County Executive of Onondaga County, one by the Town Board of the Town of Dewitt, one by the Board of Education of the East Syracuse Minoa School District, and one appointment is shared, on an alternating basis, by the Board of Education of the North Syracuse School District, and the Town Boards of the towns of Salina, Cicero, and Clay.  Members of the Authority serve in a volunteer capacity. Mr. William P. Fisher serves as the chair of the Authority.  Mr. Patrick A. Mannion serves as vice-chair of the Authority.  Ms. Judy C. Flanagan serves as treasurer of the Authority.  Ms. Christina R. Callahan, Executive Director, serves as the secretary of the Authority.

The Authority also has a Regional Advisory Board consisting of eight non-voting members appointed as follows: one member appointed by the County Executive of Oneida County, one member each appointed by the chairpersons of the county legislatures of Onondaga, Oswego, Cortland, Cayuga, and Jefferson counties, one member appointed by the chairperson of the Board of Supervisors of Madison County, and one member appointed by the Syracuse Common Council.

SRAA Voting Members

Appointed By:

Term Expires

Mr. William P. Fisher
Onondaga County Executive December 31, 2014
Mr. Patrick Mannion
Vice Chair
City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2014
Dr. Shiu-Kai Chin City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2016
Hon. Mark Nicotra  Town of Salina Superintendent December 31, 2014
Ms. Irene Scruton Town of DeWitt Superintendent December 31, 2016
Hon. Khalid Bey City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2014
Mr. John B. Johnson, Jr. City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2015
Ms. Beth Rougeux City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2016
Mr. Donald R. Thompson City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2016
Ms. Eleanor Ware City of Syracuse Mayor December 31, 2016
Dr. Donna De Siato East Syracuse Minoa
School District Board of Education Superintendent
December 31, 2016

SRAA Committee Members

Audit Committee

Mr. Patrick Mannion

Dr. Donna De Siato

Mr. William Fisher (Ex-Efficio)


Governance Committee

Ms. Irene Scruton (Chair)

Ms. Eleanor Ware

Hon. Khalid Bey

Hon. Mark Nicotra

Ms. Beth Rougeux

Mr. Donald R. Thompson

Mr. William Fisher (Ex-Officio)


Finance Committee

Mr. Patrick Mannion (Chair)

Mr. John B. Johnson Jr.

Mr. William Fisher (Ex-Officio)


Human Resources Committee

Mr. Don Thompson (Chair)

Mr. William P. Fisher

Ms. Eleanor Ware

Hon. Mark Nicotra



SRAA Regional
Advisory Board

Appointed By

Term Expires

Honorable Morris Sorbello Oswego County Legislature September 27, 2014
Vacant Syracuse Common Council N/A
Mr. Christopher J. Randall Onondaga County Legislature July 31, 2014
Mr. Russell Stark Oneida County Legislature June 11, 2015
Mr. Grant Sussey Jefferson County Legislature March 17, 2016
Mr. Richard Bushnell Cortland County Legislature April 23, 2016
Michael Chapman Cayuga County Legislature December 31, 2016
Daniel DeGear Madison County Board of Supervisors May 13, 2015