M/WBE Program

The Syracuse Regional Airport Authority (hereinafter the “Authority”) is committed to minority and women owned business enterprise participation at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport. The Authority makes every effort to meet and exceed the requirements of Article 15-A of New York Executive Law through the Authority’s contractors, subcontractors, concessionaires, leaseholders and any other parties. The Authority is committed to providing an opportunity for minority and women owned businesses to compete for requests for proposals where the minority or women owned enterprise is known to have the necessary experience in the type of good or service that the Authority seeks. As a part of any Request for Proposal process, the Authority will create written solicitations or requests for offers from minority and women-owned businesses appropriate for the good or service that the Authority seeks.

In addition, the Authority will comply with the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program as required by any federal funding received.

For additional information about Minority and Women’s Business Enterprise, including how to become certified as a Minority or Woman Owned Enterprise, please visit the Division of Minority and Women’s Business Development’s website, http://www.esd.ny.gov/MWBE.html. For information about how to become certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, please visit, https://www.transportation.gov/civil-rights/disadvantaged-business-enterprise