South Concourse Restroom Rehabilitation (IFB Reference 2017-03)

Terminal Concourse Renovations (IFB Reference #2016-08)


Terminal Improvements – Phase II Canopy Demolition and Utility Relocation Advertisement (IFB # 2017-01)

Replace Passenger Boarding Bridge-Gate No. 20 Project (IFB # 2017-02)

Terminal Improvement Project – Phase IIIA Landside Utility Improvements at Syracuse International Airport (IFB # 2017-04)

Terminal Improvement Project – Phase IIIB Curtain Wall (IFB # 2017-05)

Terminal Improvement Project-Phase IIIC Advertisement for Vertical Circulation (IFB # 2017-06)

Terminal Improvement Project-Phase  IIID Advertisement for Temporary  Support Space (IFB # 2017-07)

Terminal Improvement Project – Phase III Project Landside Terminal Building Improvements (IFB # 2017-08)

Terminal Improvement Project – Phase IIIC, Vertical Circulation Package Advertisement (IFB # 2017-06A) Re-Bid

Terminal Improvement Project – Phase VI Photovoltaic Panel System Advertisement (IFB #2018-01)

Addendum to IFB #2018-01

Rehabilitation of Deicing Storage Facilities (IFB # 2018-02)

Addendum #1 to IFB (IFB #2018-02)

Addendum #2 to IFB (IFB #2018-02)

Addendum #3 to IFB (IFB # 2018-02)

Reconfigure Taxiways C, F, B, E and G (IFB # 2018-03)

Addendum  #1 to IFB (IFB # 2018-03)

Addendum # 2 to IFB (IFB # 2018-03)


RFP #2019-04 Air Service Development Consulting at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Financial Consulting Services at Syracuse International Airport (RFP #2018-04)

2018-04 –  Final Response to Respondents Questions  

Snow Removal Services (RFP #2019-01)

Questions and Answers

Snow Removal Company Billable Hours

Insurance Requirements

Snow Removal Services Pre-Bid Conference PowerPoint

Snow Removal Contract Reference Map

Sign In Sheet

Information Technology (IT) Management Services, RFP #2019-02

IT Questions and Answers

IT Pre-Proposal Conference PowerPoint

IT Pre-Proposal Conference Sign in Sheet

RFP #2019-03 Audit Services at the Syracuse Hancock International Airport

Audit Services Pre-Proposal Conference PowerPoint

Pre-Proposal Conference Sign in Sheet

Audit Services RFP Questions and Answers